Blogging statistics and trends you should know

Blogging statistics and trends

Are you looking for the latest blogging statistics and trends? You are in the right place.

Blogging and content marketing are highly integrated and central pieces of many digital marketing campaigns. This is why I’ve included all the key blogging statistics alongside social media stats, search and SEO stats and even general internet usage statistics.

All this to give you a better overview of the blogging stats and industry trends.

There are more than 4 billion people on the internet

That’s 55% of the world’s population. And it’s growing. No matter how niche the topic is on your blog, there will be a potential audience for it on the web. Your main job is to create content that resonates with real people and then going out to reach them.

Internet usage stats


89% of Americans have access to the internet

The number of adults who use the internet has stagnated showing that we have reached the saturation levels in the west.

But the internet is still growing strong and there’s a lot more potential for growth. For instance, only 35% of Africa is connected.

Technologies used


The internet is mobile-first with 60+% of 18-34-year-olds spend more time on mobile than a laptop

This is something you must keep in mind when starting a site or when planning a new content marketing campaign.

  • Is your design mobile friendly? Learn how to design a blog.
  • Is your content fast to load on slower internet connections?
  • Are your posts easy to consume even on smaller screens?


How many websites and blogs are there? 2 billion

There are tonnes and this just shows you that starting a new site is no news at all. It is a saturated and competitive world out there and you need to work hard in order to attract the attention of an audience.


How many bloggers are there? More than 500 million

This is a difficult number to come up with especially considering the similarity of blogs and websites these days. But if we take the published numbers of WordPress bloggers, Tumblr bloggers and some of the other big platforms, the answer to how many bloggers are there is at least 500 million.

How many web pages are there? Google says at least 130 trillion

There’s a lot of content being posted online even without considering all the social media posts. The challenge is to stand out and be heard.


How many blog posts are published per day? More than 2 million today already

And this is only on the connected network of blogs and other self-hosted sites that are connected to the Jetpack plugin. In the world of millions of new blog posts published each day, how can you differentiate yourself and your content?


More than 80 million blog posts and pages are published every month

Again this is only by blogs hosted on and by self-hosted WordPress blogs connected with Jetpack plugin. If you don’t understand the difference between the two, see my vs comparison.


Tumblr on its own has more than 400 million blogs and more than 165 billion blog posts

Tumblr is just one of the “niche” communities which allow you to quickly reach a large audience. See my Tumblr or WordPress guide for details on this strategy.


53% of all websites on the web are in the English language

English is the lingua franca of the web. Publishing in English makes your site born global with a large potential for a global audience.

But it’s also worth considering if some sites will have a better chance of success if they are to be produced in your local language. Perhaps less competition in another language gives you more chance of success?


71% of WordPress blog posts are written in the English language

These are the top ten languages on the network:

  1. English: 71%
  2. Spanish: 4.7%
  3. Indonesian: 2.4%
  4. Portuguese (Brazil): 2.3%
  5. French: 1.5%
  6. Russian: 1.3%
  7. German: 1.2%
  8. Italian: 1%
  9. Turkish: 0.7%
  10. Dutch: 0.6%


There are 70,000 searches on Google every second

People are looking for information constantly on Google and Google has the potential to be a great traffic driver for your blog.


More than 92% of all searches happen on Google and its properties

Google is king of all the web search so make sure your site makes Google happy. Google has the potential to make you happy for years to come.

Searches on Google properties


The average word count of a post on Google’s first-page result is 1,900 words

Google loves content that completely and thoroughly answers questions of their searchers. This means that your posts need to be of the “ultimate guide” type with the idea of covering the specific topic in depth.

Average word count on Google's top results


How long time does it take to write a blog post? 3 hours and 20 minutes on average

If the requirement is to produce in-depth content, it also means that you will need to take more time on each individual post you’re working on.

How long does it take to write a post


How frequently do bloggers publish new content? Several times per month

Creating great and in-depth blog posts means that you will publish a smaller number of posts. Most bloggers fall in the range of “several times per month” or “weekly”.


How old is the average blogger? 69% fall between the 25-44 age range

Blogging is one of those no experience needed jobs. Anyone at any age can start and thrive.


How many hours do bloggers typically work per week? Between 0 and 5

Most bloggers run their sites as a hobby in their free time. It is a wonderful, educational and proactive way of spending your weekends, evenings or after work hours.


How much money do bloggers make? The average blogger income is $38,000 per year

There’s money in trust and influence. Building authority in the industry and growing a loyal audience has the potential to make you money too.


73% of visitors skim rather than read the blog post thoroughly

You need to write for the web. This means short paragraphs, highlighted key phrases, multiple headlines, subheadings, bulleted lists, imagery, videos and more.


The page weight of an average website is at 1.5 MB

The web is full of large, bloated and slow to load websites filled with banner advertising and other analytical trackers. Being lightweight and speedy could be your competitive advantage.


Over 400 million people view blog posts each month on the WordPress network

Blog readership statistics on the network show that there are many people reading blogs.


More than 20 billion blog post views each month on the WordPress network

If you publish something that resonates with a specific audience, you are bound to be found.


What’s the average blog traffic per day?

This is a difficult metric to calculate so there is unfortunately not a clear answer. It all depends on the market you are targeting and how popular your blog is but the sky is the limit for your blog traffic. There are many examples of blogs reaching millions of people.

What percentage of internet users read blogs regularly? 47%

Blog reader statistics say 47% but I’d argue that these numbers are even higher considering a blogging platform WordPress powers more than 30% of the web.

Most blogs and website designs are difficult to differentiate these days and internet users may not even know whether they are reading a traditional website or a blog.


87% say that social media helps them boost their exposure

Social media marketing can be a great alternative or supplement to search engine marketing. Especially in the early days of your blog. And depending on what type of content you are covering.

Social media benefits


94% of marketers use Facebook

Facebook is still the king of social media platforms despite the decrease in organic reach businesses see and the turn to paid marketing.

Most used social platforms


67% of marketers say that Facebook is their most important social media platform

Not only is Facebook the most popular platform for different brands and marketers but it is also the platform most of them find the most valuable too.

Most important social media platform


Majority of marketers have experimented with paid advertising. It’s pretty much impossible to get organic reach on Facebook these days so a bit of a budget can really help spread your message.

Paid social media ads


80% of marketers have images as their most-used content type in social media

Social media is very visual and you need more than just text to stand out. Images are the most popular content type, followed by videos and blog posts. See my how to start a vlog guide.

Most used types of content


32% of marketers say images are their most important social media content

Business blogging statistics show that blogging is not only important on its own as part of the search and content marketing but it is even a big part of their social media marketing campaigns.

Most important content type


30% of marketers rate paid advertising as overrated

Blogging with some search engine optimization can really bring great results to any company. And these results are earned and do not rely on an advertising budget.

Paid advertising is overrated


61% of marketers have “growing SEO/organic presence” as their main marketing goal

Blog content creation at 55% comes just after.

Inbound marketing goals


61% of marketers see generating traffic and leads as their top challenge

People don’t just find you and come to you automatically. You need to get out there and find people that are interested in what you’re doing.

Generating traffic is a challenge


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