My switch from macOS to Linux: Why, what I like and how you can do it too

After using Macs for about fifteen years, I recently switched to Linux as my main operating system and I’m enjoying it. Here’s an introduction to Linux that may help you if you too are looking for a change. Why switch from Mac to Linux? My latest MacBook was four years old and was starting to […]

7 Steps To A Far Less Intrusive And More Mindful Internet Experience

Tools that are part of the surveillance capitalism now face serious competition from more ethical alternatives. We have a great deal of personal power and authority to choose more human-friendly services as our tools of choice. Here are some options.

Give Firefox A Chance For A Faster, Calmer And Distraction-Free Internet

Using Firefox gives you peace of mind and keeps you away from the advertising companies constantly following you around, profiling you and tempting you to purchase their products.

How To Install WordPress And Use It Like A Pro

Here’s how to install WordPress and get your own beautiful site up and running in 10 minutes. All without any tech know-how or prior experience.

16 Best Blogging Tools That I Recommend

I’ve tested hundreds of tools over the 10+ years of being a blogger. These are the blogging tools that I love and can recommend to all the beginners.

How To Start A Blog: Step-By-Step Guide 2019

Here’s how to start a blog and make it a success in 2019. I’m going to show you how to make a blog and grow it with simple, step-by-step instructions.

How To Secure WordPress: The Definitive Guide

Here’s how to secure a WordPress website from hacking attacks. These are WordPress security measures all bloggers should implement.

Best WordPress Blog Hosting Providers In 2019

Here’s the list of the best WordPress hosting providers for the year 2019. I hope this list will help you to choose the right web hosting for your blog.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Best For A Blog?

This is the most comprehensive Blogger vs WordPress comparison for 2019. Learn the differences and see if WordPress is the best Blogger alternative for you.

How To Start A Vlog And Become A YouTube Influencer

Your ultimate how to vlog guide for 2019. I’ll show you how to start a vlog and give you vlogging tips you need to create videos like true YouTube stars.

How To Speed Up WordPress Page Loading Time

Are your WordPress blog posts slow to load? In this guide, I’ll show you the steps you can take to speed up WordPress site loading time.

28 Best Free WordPress Themes In 2019

These are the best WordPress themes you can use for your blog design. Includes the most downloaded free themes and those with most active installations.

How To Move From Blogger To WordPress (2019)

Here’s how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing any content, any search engine rankings, visitors or subscribers. Simple instructions.

Moving From To

Want to migrate your blog and all the content from hosted to self-hosted Here’s the step-by-step guide. Vs Comparison

What is the difference between and This comparison will help you decide which one is best for your own blog.

How To Promote A Blog And Drive Traffic In 2019

Here’s my guide on how to promote your blog content and get traffic. It includes a list of places where to post your content to get more blog visitors.

What Is A Blog? Blogging History And Definitions

What is a blog and what’s blogging? Let’s take a deep look at the key blog definitions and the history of blogging. All your questions are answered.

Tumblr Alternatives: What To Use Instead?

Looking for a Tumblr alternative where you completely own and control your content? Here’s a list of the best blogging platforms and Tumblr alternatives.

40+ Best Blog Sites & Blogging Platforms In 2019

I’ve personally tested and reviewed 40+ of the best blog sites and blogging platforms. You’ll love this list if you’re curious where to start your blog.

WordPress Blog SEO: How To Rank On Google

These are things you need to know about WordPress blogging and SEO. It’s how you can rank your blog content on top of Google’s search results.

How To Make Money Blogging In 2019

To start a blog and make money blogging is an exciting idea. You can be your boss, live a flexible lifestyle and work from anywhere. Here’s how.

Squarespace Vs WordPress: Which One Is Best?

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How To Start A Fashion Blog In 2019

I’ll show you how to start a fashion blog and publish such great content that you can get more followers and become an Instagram influencer.

How To Start A Food Blog In 2019

Food blog is a great way to document your recipes, share your love for cooking and become a more creative cook. Here’s how to start a food blog.

30+ Must-Know Blogging Statistics (2019)

Are you looking for the latest and most interesting blogging statistics and trends? You are in the right place. Here are 30+ must-know blogging stats.

60+ BEST WordPress Plugins For Blogs In 2019

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Should I Blog In English Or My Native Language?

If you’re a person with English as your second language, you might be wondering if you should write a multilingual blog, just English or native language.

22 Essential WordPress HTML Codes And Tags

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How To Start A Travel Blog And See The World

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How To Write A Blog Post That People Love

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3 Easy Ways To Come Up With A Blog Name

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What To Blog About: Best Topics And Niche Ideas

Stuck at what to write about? Want to start a blog but have no idea which niche topic idea to cover? Here’s how to come up with a blog topic.

How To Create A Blog Content Strategy

This guide will help you create a blog content strategy that attracts the right type of audience and delivers great results.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog Posts

Here’s how to get people to comment on your blog posts, eliminate WordPress comment spam and get more genuine comments from real people.

50+ Best Blog Post Ideas You Can Write About Today

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Wix Vs WordPress Comparison: Which Is Best?

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Blogging Analytics: How To Track Your Progress

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Email Marketing 101: How To Grow Your List

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How To Become A Productive Blog Writer

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Guest Blogging 101: Get Traffic By Guest Posting

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about guest blogging from identifying blogs to guest post on to making a successful outreach pitch.

Blogging FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

This is my blogging FAQ. Ask questions, look for examples and learn from people who have been there and done that to become a successful blogger.

How To Design A Blog And Make It Pretty In 2019

Here’s how to design a blog that looks great and impresses people in 2019. This guide will also introduce you to all the best WordPress blog design themes.

8 Lessons Learned Since I Quit My Job To Become A Digital Nomad

These are the lessons learned since I officially left my job and departed from the corporate world. October 29th 2014 was my last day at the public-listed company where I worked for seven years since graduating from university. A lot of fun, travel and hard work with many interesting people, but after all the years […]

24 Steps To Make Your Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign A Success

Crypto is eating the world. Cryptocurrency and blockchain based startups have exploded in visibility and are all the rage. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) funding for startups has exceeded the more traditional venture funding, has leveled the playing field and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. Now anyone, anywhere in the world with the idea that […]

10 Startup Marketing Lessons From 1,000 Days At A Venture-Funded SaaS

I recently finished a three-year experience of doing marketing for a venture-funded startup in the social media analytics industry. It’s a hyper-competitive world where only the top player (or maybe if lucky the top 2 or 3) get all the value. You must grow fast or die a slow death. The pressure is on to […]

SaaS Competitive Analysis 101: How To Outplay Your Startup’s Competitors

Here’s how you can establish an edge and stay one step ahead of your SaaS startup’s competitors by conducting competitive analysis.

Why Basecamp still runs three completely different versions of their software

Jason Fried and DHH are the true contrarians in the world of entrepreneurship. The thoughts they share on Twitter, in their blog posts and their books make people think. Other founders think “I wish I could run a company like that” and their employees think “I want to work for Basecamp”. I’ve been a follower […]

Why you should write a “how to work with me” user manual

When Claire Hughes Johnson joined Stripe she shared an open document with the company and sent it personally to the people working closely with her. But this was not just any type of corporate presentation. Claire announced: “I’m not a micro-manager and I won’t sweat your details *unless* I think things are off track and […]