13% of my website visitors block Google Analytics

There’s widespread use of adblockers on the web but users are increasingly blocking cookies and other tracking scripts too. Browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Brave are privacy-focused. Many users install additional plugins such as uBlock Origin to better protect themselves. Is Google Analytics still efficient considering the blocking rate? How big is the data […]

Only 9% of visitors give GDPR consent to be tracked

Privacy regulations such as the GDPR say that you need to seek permission from your website visitors before tracking them. Most GDPR consent banner implementations are deliberately engineered to be difficult to use and are full of dark patterns that are illegal according to the law. I wanted to find out how many visitors would […]

How you can help keep blogging alive and thriving

I was happy to see some posts about blogging being widely discussed over the last few days. A couple of them that I wanted to highlight are “If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs” and “Blogging is not dead“. I’m a blogger myself and have been blogging for […]

How to fix the broken web as a site owner and web developer

Yesterday there was a lively discussion on Hacker News and different Subreddits around cookie consent walls not being valid according to the GDPR. Ironically, when visiting the article discussed, I was faced with one of the worst and most user-hostile implementations of the cookie law. The web is broken. Behavioral tracking without consent, abuse of […]

Please get your parents off Facebook

The internet is a tool that has democratized content publishing. It has made information free and enabled anyone to publish whatever they want, share their beliefs and gain a following. This is amazing if you use it for good. Facebook has lowered the bar to share ideas as low as it can get and now […]

How to thrive working from home

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there’s now a huge experiment in remote work. All over the world, employees are working outside of the office for the first time. Could this disrupt the workplace and accelerate the transition to working from home? Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many others are encouraging […]

Blogging statistics and trends you should know in 2020

Are you looking for the latest blogging statistics and trends? You are in the right place. Blogging and content marketing are highly integrated and central pieces of many digital marketing campaigns. This is why I’ve included all the key blogging statistics alongside social media stats, search and SEO stats and even general internet usage statistics. […]

How to de-Google-ify your site to make it faster and visitor friendly

Did you know that 94% of sites include at least one third-party resource while the median page requests content from 9 different domains? These third-party resources represent 35% of the total network activity and 7 of the 10 most used resources are owned by Google. Third-party resources slow down the web and are a concern […]

Wix vs WordPress comparison: What are the differences?

This Wix vs WordPress comparison will help you decide which website builder is best for your site. Let’s get started with all the differences between Wix and WordPress. Table of contents My recommendation A quick overview of the main differences How to get started with WordPress A detailed comparison FAQ Wix vs WordPress: Conclusion and […]

22 best WordPress hosting providers to host your site in 2020

Not sure which WordPress hosting provider to use for your site? There are hundreds of hosts on the market and it can be confusing and overwhelming. This is my list of the best WordPress hosting providers. The world of website hosting is a bit like the Wild West. There are multitudes of hosts offering multiple […]

How to install WordPress and use it to create a great site in 2020

WordPress was born in 2003 and is the most popular content publishing platform. It’s the backbone of the web. Here’s how to install WordPress and start your own site in 10 minutes without any tech know-how or prior experience. Why is WordPress so popular? How to install WordPress: A Step-By-Step Guide WordPress admin dashboard welcome […]

How to start a blog and make money blogging in 2020

Making money blogging is an exciting idea. You can be your boss, live a flexible lifestyle, and work from anywhere in the world. Here’s how to start a blog and make money blogging. The first step to making money blogging is to start a blog Best ways to make money blogging Top money making blogs […]

Squarespace vs WordPress: Which site builder is best in 2020?

Which website builder is best for bloggers and small businesses? Is it Squarespace or WordPress? Let’s compare the two blogging platforms. Table of contents My recommendation A quick overview of the main differences How to get started with WordPress A detailed comparison Squarespace vs WordPress: Which website builder is best? Use Squarespace if you just […]

Use Firefox Preview to make browsing on Android fast and distraction-free

Firefox for Android just got much better. Mozilla did a complete rewrite and has created a new generation of Firefox (Preview) that’s much more consistent with Firefox desktop experience. This post is a detailed look at Firefox Preview which when fully matured will replace the Firefox Android mobile app. A faster and more pleasant, distraction-free […]

How to secure your WordPress site in 2020: The definitive guide

This guide features simple security measures you can implement to secure your WordPress site, prevent hacking attacks and keep your content safe. I’ll include the best WordPress security solutions and precautions in this post. If you follow them, you’ll be sleeping safely. Table of contents WordPress security checklist Is WordPress secure and can it be […]

How to start a vlog and become a YouTube influencer in 2020

Want to make a vlog? This how to start a vlog guide answers all your vlogging questions. It gives you a clear action plan on how to create a YouTube channel, publish videos like a pro and make money. Table of contents Is YouTube the best vlogging platform? How to start a YouTube channel How […]

Ethical marketing in the GDPR, CCPA and no third-party cookies world

Marketers live in the world of data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and the world where browsers block third-party cookie-based tracking. Here’s how you can grow your site and startup by practicing ethical marketing. And it’s only going to get more challenging with further regulations to be expected. You may be gradually getting […]

Blogger vs WordPress: Which is the best blogging site in 2020

What are the pros and cons of Blogger vs WordPress? Which is the best platform for your site and why? This comparison will explain to you the key differences. Table of contents My recommendation Quick overview of the differences How to get started with WordPress A detailed comparison Pros and cons FAQ WordPress vs Blogger: […]

How to start a fashion blog and become an Instagram influencer in 2020

Are you overwhelmed by all the fashion blogging advice? You’ve been reading and researching but it’s hard to figure out where and how to start a fashion blog, right? You’re not alone. Table of contents Why be a fashion blogger and an influencer? How to start a fashion blog: A-step-by-step guide Fashion blogging 101 How […]

47 best blogging platforms to start your site in 2020

These are 47 of the best blogging platforms where you can start your site in 2020, publish amazing content and build your audience. It’s easier than ever to start a site and create your online home. Even if you don’t want to spend time setting it all up, or if you don’t want to spend […]

How to start a food blog and become a Pinterest influencer

Starting a blog about food is a great way to document your recipes, share your love for food and cooking with others and become an even better and more creative cook. Here’s how to start a food blog. It’s also a great way of getting in touch with other foodies and exchanging tips and ideas. […]

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: What’s the difference?

WordPress.org is the home of the free, open-source blogging platform, while WordPress.com is the commercial version. The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is like owning or renting a house. This difference causes some confusion for newbie bloggers. This WordPress.com vs WordPress.org comparison has all the facts you need to make an informed choice. Self-hosted WordPress […]

Best Tumblr alternatives: WordPress and other replacements for Tumblr

Are you looking for a list of Tumblr alternatives? I’ve listed and reviewed the best blogging platforms you can use instead of Tumblr. Tumblr has been on a dramatic downhill slide over the last few years and many users are looking for better alternatives. On August 12th 2019, it was announced that Tumblr will be […]

How to design a blog and make it look pretty in 2020

Here’s how you can design a blog and hook your visitors with a gorgeous and memorable experience that they’ll love and share. Let’s get started with this complete guide to blog design. WordPress is the blogging platform of choice How to install your first WordPress design theme Best free WordPress design themes Premium WordPress themes […]

How to start a blog and make it a success in 2020

In this guide, you’ll learn how to start a blog in a few minutes no matter your background, technical know-how or prior experience. No coding and design skills required either. I’ll introduce you to things you need to create a great looking blog design, publish amazing content, attract a passionate audience and make money blogging […]

20 environment and open web goals for 2020 and beyond

It’s that time of the year again. This year my primary goals are less focused on my own immediate needs. They’re about the environment and the open web instead. The year 2020 brings us into in many ways a defining decade in our climate, clean air and clean water challenge. I plan to continue making […]

Why you should remove Disqus from your site

Disqus is a popular commenting system installed on millions of websites with 2 billion monthly unique visitors and 17 billion page views combined. Here’s why you should remove Disqus from your site. Disqus enhances the native commenting by introducing things such as social login, voting and reactions. Disqus WordPress plugin alone is currently running on […]

How I keep my passwords and logins safe and secure

Passwords and login security seem to be in shambles. Many companies and many consumers use poor security practices. Here’s how I deal with my passwords and login security. The most commonly used password is “password” and the second most popular one is “123456”. And how do we know this? It’s because all the passwords exposed […]

How to start a travel blog and get paid to see the world

The bloggers behind seven popular travel blogs share their personal insights and tips on how to start a travel blog. Their stories and experiences showcase the path you can follow in order to become a successful travel blogger too. I hope their words inspire you. The post is long and full of practical advice so […]

How to promote a blog post and drive traffic to your site

In this guide, I’ll show you how to promote your blog and get traffic. Starting a blog is easy compared to getting people’s attention, promoting content and increasing blog traffic. Here’s what you need to know to promote your blog content and drive traffic. “Blog and pray” does not work The best traffic sources for […]

Best blog topics and niche ideas for starting a blog

You’re asking “What should I blog about?”. This guide on best blog topics and niche ideas is for those who know that they want to create a blog but have no idea what to blog about. In this post, I’ll show you the simple process to come up with a blog topic and a niche […]

How to fight back against Google AMP

There’s a popular thread on Hacker News with lots of people complaining about how Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is ruining their mobile web experience. Here’s what’s wrong with using Google AMP. This week I also got two AMP links sent to me via Telegram and to see those Google URLs replacing unique domain names […]

WordPress SEO: How to rank your blog posts on the first page of Google

This is the beginner’s guide to WordPress blog SEO. You’ll love seeing your content rank on top of Google’s search and having more people discover your blog in search engines. Search is the king of free and organic traffic. Unlike social media, you don’t need to spend money to promote your content. Search helps get […]

How to speed up WordPress for a faster, greener and eco-friendly site

The web, if it were a country, would be one of the largest carbon emitters in the world. In this guide, I’ll share the best practices on how to speed up WordPress and do your part for a greener and more eco-friendly web. The speed of your site matters a lot. And in several ways: […]

How I switched from macOS to Linux after 15 years of Apple

After using Macs for about fifteen years, I recently switched to Linux as my main operating system and I’m enjoying it. Here’s an introduction to Linux that may help you if you too are looking for a change. Why switch from Mac to Linux? What are Linux distros and desktop environments? A look into Linux […]

How to de-Google-ify your life for a less intrusive web

These ethical alternatives will help you de-Google-ify your life, have a calmer and far less intrusive online experience. You’ll be in better control of your energy, with fewer distractions from companies that want to engage you and with more focus on things you care about. We’re living in the age of surveillance capitalism. The age […]

Give Firefox a chance for a faster, calmer and distraction-free web

We’re living in the Google Chrome browser dominance age (65% of the market share worldwide) but for the first time in a few years, Chrome has some very serious competition. Here’s why Firefox is a better alternative to Google Chrome. Firefox is an open-source browser made by a non-profit organization named Mozilla. The mission of […]

How to write a blog post that people love and share

Millions of posts are published every month. It’s incredibly difficult to break through that noise. Here’s how to write a blog post that people love. I’ll show you how to start creating content that gets traffic, social media engagement and helps you grow an audience. Let’s get started. Write blog headlines that work Use stunning […]

3 quick ways to come up with a memorable name for your site

How to come up with a blog name that attracts visitors, that’s unforgettable, and projects the message you want to convey? Choosing a memorable blog name and domain name is one of the biggest challenges when starting a blog. You’ll love this guide as it breaks down this roadblock and makes the process much easier. […]

60+ best WordPress plugins to enhance your site

In this post, you’ll learn what you need to know about WordPress plugins and you’ll get a list of the best WordPress plugins to install on your blog. WordPress plugins are like browser extensions. You can use them to improve the look and feel of your design or to add new features or functionality. There’s a […]

16 best blogging tools that will make you a better blogger

This is the list of all the best blogging tools that I use daily to help me do a better job. I’ve tested hundreds of tools over the 10+ years of being a content creator. Most of them are free but I have also included three paid and premium tools I think are worth the […]

28 best free WordPress themes to design your site

These are the best WordPress themes you can use to make your blog beautiful today. All of these WordPress themes are completely free to use. This list includes all the most downloaded themes and those with most currently active installations. Let’s get started. Twenty Nineteen Twenty Seventeen Twenty Sixteen OceanWP Astra Twenty Fifteen GeneratePress Sydney […]

How to move from Blogger to WordPress without losing traffic

Today I’ll show you how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing any content, search engine rankings, visitors and subscribers. It all can be done without using a premium migration service. It’s simple with my step-by-step instructions. Let’s dive right in. Why move from Blogger to WordPress? The first step is to […]

How to move your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Want to migrate your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org? You are in the right place. The following is the step-by-step guide on moving your blog to the self-hosted WordPress.org. How to start a blog on WordPress.org What’s the WordPress Importer plugin? Is there a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Why should I move from WordPress.com […]

What is a blog? A guide to the blogging history and the key definitions

Blogs are now mainstream. You’re most probably reading blog posts every day even though you may not realize you are on a blog. Features that blogs introduced to the web are now integrated into pretty much every website that you visit. But what is a blog? You are reading a blog post right now. This […]

Should I start a site in English or in my native language?

If you, like me, are a bilingual person with English as your second language, you might be wondering whether you should write a blog in English, or in your own language. In this post, I will share some information and some pros and cons in regards to this question. Here’s the multilingual blog guide. Should […]

22 essential WordPress HTML tags to use in your content

This article is a one stop shop for your WordPress HTML codes. Here’s the list of WordPress HTML tags and codes most commonly used to create content. Save the list and use it as your reference when composing your WordPress blog posts and pages. WordPress HTML in the Gutenberg editor Classic Editor: What’s the difference […]

How to build a blog content strategy for your marketing campaign

How do you attract the right type of audience to your blog content? And how do you get your content to sell your product? This guide will help you create a blog content strategy that delivers results. Align your target audience and marketing activities Understanding the market situation Creating a content strategy for the customer […]

How to get more people to write genuine comments on your blog posts

This is your guide to blog comments. Whether you want to learn how to get people to comment on your posts or if you’re annoyed by all the spam you get and you want to get better control. You’ll take command of your comment section, eliminate all the spam, and encourage visitors to post genuine […]

How to discover blog post ideas and find things to write about

“What should I write about on my blog?” and “How do I find great blog post ideas?” are two things every blogger struggles with at some point or another after making a blog. You cannot afford to sit and wait for inspiration to strike. Use the tips from this guide to find blog post ideas […]

How to set blogging goals and track your progress

How do you set goals for your blogging and measure the success (or failure) of the efforts you’re putting into it? This guide will help you figure out how to set your blogging goals and use Google Analytics (or a more ethical alternative) to measure the success of your blog posts. Let’s take a look. […]

How to start your newsletter and grow your mailing list

This email marketing guide will help you turn blunt, mass mailing into sharp personal communication that people look forward to. Want to share your stories and knowledge with the world and make a living doing it? Starting an email newsletter might just be the quickest way to build your audience. Is email marketing the solution […]

How to be a productive writer in the world of distractions

This guide will help you remove distractions, eliminate redundant tasks, and outsource certain tasks to help you find time to blog. Here’s how to be a productive writer and blogger. How to be productive blogger: The simple principles Productivity is a matter of re-evaluating your priorities Work smarter, not harder: The 80/20 principle Outsource and delegate these […]

Guest blogging 101: Get traffic by guest posting

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about guest blogging. From identifying sites to guest post on to making a successful outreach pitch. We’ll look into whether you should consider accepting guest posts on your blog too. Let’s get started. What’s guest blogging? What you should NOT do when guest blogging A […]

Blogging FAQ: Everything you need to know

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about blogging and publishing content online. For people starting out, there are so many new things to do and be aware of, that it’s difficult to get it right first time around. Here’s the blogging FAQ. This is why asking questions, looking for examples and learning […]

8 lessons since I quit my job to become a digital nomad

These are the lessons learned since I officially left my job and departed from the corporate world. October 29th 2014 was my last day at the public-listed company where I worked for seven years since graduating from university. A lot of fun, travel and hard work with many interesting people, but after all the years […]

How to make your cryptocurrency marketing campaign a success

Crypto is eating the world. Cryptocurrency and blockchain based startups have exploded in visibility and are all the rage. Here’s how to make your cryptocurrency marketing campaign a success. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) funding for startups has exceeded the more traditional venture funding, has leveled the playing field and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. […]

10 startup marketing lessons from 1,000 days at a SaaS

I recently finished a three-year experience of doing marketing for a venture-funded startup in the social media analytics industry. These are the startup marketing lessons I’ve learned. It’s a hyper-competitive world where only the top player (or maybe if lucky the top 2 or 3) get all the value. You must grow fast or die […]

Competitive analysis: How to outplay your startup competitors

There’s a huge amount of data about your competitors available to you. The same data is available about you to your competitors. All this competitive intelligence exists now and is likely used against you in some shape or form. And this knowledge is power. Especially in the hyper-competitive SaaS startup industry. What is the competitive […]

Why Basecamp runs three different versions of their software

One chapter I wanted to discuss in this post is titled “Change Control”. The insights in this chapter were particularly relevant to my recent startup experience. And the lesson is all about emphasis and care about the existing customers.