How Many People Are on This Site?

I have integrated Plausible Analytics into my site so I can get some insights into whether people read and enjoy my content and how they discover it in the first place.

Plausible is a Google Analytics alternative that I’m working on. Check out more details on our about page.

Plausible allows me to open up my stats to the public so you can see all the stats that are collected and all the stats that I have access to myself. Check out my live stats dashboard or view it below.

Stats powered by Plausible Analytics

There are several reasons why I believe site owners should not use Google Analytics. Here’s what makes Plausible a better web analytics tool:

  • It’s lightweight with the script being under 1 KB so you keep getting a fast-loading visitor experience.
  • It’s compliant with all the different privacy regulations and doesn’t use cookies so I don’t need to bother you with the cookie and/or GDPR consent banners.
  • It’s completely disconnected from Surveillance Capitalism, AdTech and Big Tech. None of the data collected about your visit is sold to or shared with any third-parties at all for any purpose whatsoever.
  • It doesn’t collect any personal data about you at all. I don’t know who you are, what you like or what your interests are. I cannot see whether you read my content from different devices and don’t know if you come back to my site on different days as there are no persistent identifiers.

Other /stats pages

Thanks to Gergely Orosz for inspiring me to create this /stats page. Here’s Gergely’s /stats page.