How To Get More People To Negatively Respond To Your Email Outreach

Email outreach spam

There’s this new email outreach study being shared around in the digital marketing circles. The study was published by Brian Dean who’s an influential blogger in the world of search engine optimization.

Ten key findings are highlighted in the study but these three got the best results:

  • Follow-ups appear to significantly improve response rates. Emailing the same contact multiple times leads to 2x more responses.
  • Reaching out to multiple contacts can also lead to more success. The response rate of messages sent to several contacts is 93% higher than messages sent to a single person.
  • The most successful outreach campaigns reach out to multiple contacts multiple times. Email sequences with multiple attempts and multiple contacts boost response rates by 160%.

So what’s the average marketer going to do after skimming through this almost 3000-word long study?

  • They are going to send you multiple emails on the same topic over a period of a few weeks.
  • They are going to send these same emails to more than one person within your organization.

What do they want from all these emails?

  • The hope is to get you to link to their content from your website
  • They want you to share their content to your social media audience
  • They want you to accept their guest post proposals

All-time high of outreach emails sent and all-time low of responses

But what these marketers will ignore is the fact that Brian Dean discovered only 8.5% of all email outreach receives a response. We’re at an all-time high of outreach emails sent and at an all-time low of outreach emails responded to.

And the action of spamming people even harder will contribute to the outreach industry getting an even lower return on investment over the months to come.

Sending more emails and sending them to more people within the same company will not help you get what you want. On the contrary:

  • It will get you even more ignored.
  • It will get you marked as spam.
  • It will get you and your company a bad reputation.
  • It will get you a higher number of responses with a negative sentiment.

That’s right. This study did not look at the sentiment of the responses. I would not be surprised if a substantial number of the extra responses to the “multiple emails to multiple people” outreach campaigns are negative.

So you’re not actually getting a higher number of responses that you want by spamming people harder.

You are making people be so angry at you that they respond to you telling you to stop bothering them. And only after they actually take their time to respond to you, then they mark you as spam.

People don’t like to be spammed and you should stop doing it.

Trying to find an easy, automated and low effort way out of your marketing issues

You are trying to find an easy, automated and low effort way out of your startup marketing issues but you are doing it all wrong and you are contributing to the downfall of the whole email outreach industry.

What can you do instead if you insist on cold approaching someone? Create a situation where you help them win first and in that way you will get your win too.

  • Focus on the person you are reaching out to instead of only focusing on yourself and your needs.
  • What can you actually do for them?
  • How can you provide true value to them and their lives?

If you cannot do this then there is no reason to try to reach out to them asking for these favors in the first place.

But if you can offer true value, you will get a higher (and more positive) response rate with one genuine email than you ever will get by “backed by research” tactics such as the ones highlighted in this study.

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